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Skill Manager

The SkillManager allows you to freely create and customize the Skills the Bot should use.


Custom Condition Code Editor

  • If the existing conditions to choose from are not enough for your needs, this Editor allows you to write your own lua code and conditions, when the bot should use the skill.
  • In this Editor Window you have access to the shared 'context' table, which gives you access to the following data:
context -- Lua table which is shared by all "editor windows", can also hold your custom functions and other data you defined and "saved" in the table.
context.casthistory -- A table that always holds basic data of the last 5 skills which were cast. Each entry holds: //.name, .skillid, .casttime, .targetid//
context.currentskills -- A list of your currently active skills on your skillbar. Holds the information from Player:GetSpellInfo(slot) and in additon to that, each entry has access to the skilldata, for example: //context.currentskills[1].skilldata// -- The target at which the SkillManager is casting the skills. You can overwrite this with your own target in any od the custom lua codeeditors.
context.cooldownlist -- A list of all spells currently on cooldown, including the ones not on your current set/skillbar
context.maxskillrange -- The maximum range of your current skills, without any additional check if the skill(s) can be used or not.
context.activeskillrange -- The maximum range of your current skills which you can use in that moment.
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