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PLEASE NOTE: This Addon uses Teleport Hacks! Use at your own risk!!

This Addon is a remake of the old 32bit teleporter with some new features!
Teleporter allows you to move around using the controls or set shortcut keys as well as save positions and teleport directly to them.

How to use:

This can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → HusbandoMax → Teleporter

On first open will will be show a window to confirm you're aware of the risks of teleport hacking. Once you confirm this you will not be asked again.

Main Features

The Up,Down,Forwards,Backwards,Left and Right buttons will move you in the following directions based on the distance set in the Step Size field.
Locations can be easily saved by pressing the “Save” button, here you just simply need to enter a name for this location and it will be saved.
The Undo button can be used to return you to your last position before teleporting with the direction buttons or saved locations. (This history list is cleared after every zone change)


Each Direction key can be set with a shortcut key by pressing the “Shortcuts” button on the main GUI.
To set these simply select what key you want to be used with a modifier if you want one then enable it.

Saved Locations

The List on the Main GUI will only show the locations you have saved in your current zone with a “Teleport” and “Delete” button to function with the selection location from the list.
You can view and manage your save location list by pressing the “Saved Locations” button which will open a new GUI showing you all you locations in each zone, you can also delete locations here.

Importing Exporting

You can easily import profiles from both this teleporter and the old 32bit one.
To import these lists simply enter the file path where the list(s) are located.
64bit: C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\Teleporter\Exports\
32bit: C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion\LuaMods\Dev\Waypoint\
Then select the file and press the “Import Selected File” button.
To export you current list simply type a name for the file (Ensure the name isn't already used) and his the “Export Saved Locations” Button.
This file will be saved in a “Exports” folder inside of the addon folder.
Default: C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\Teleporter\Exports\

Change log

Initial Release
List Exporting.
List Importing of saved locations including old 32bit profiles.
Fixed saving when importing 64bit list.


For support or anything related to this addon please post in the forum >

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