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This addon requires TensorCore! Make sure you have that installed from the Minion store.

For optimal performance, you must set your pulse rate to 50ms or lower. As such, this addon by default will set your pulse rate to 50. You can disable this in TensorRuin > Options > High Performance Mode. You also need to have less than 100 ping if you want high parses.

TensorRuin is an extremely optimized PvE Summoner Shadowbringers combat routine that is highly customizable and intended for endgame high-level play. With optimal gear, it is effortless to parse and rank in the top 30. My testers even reached rank 1 with this ACR and with minimal interaction.

TensorRuin also features an innovative hotbar that will allow you to control the acr exactly how you want to. You press the button, it uses the skill. Knockback coming in? Simply press the Surecast button, and you will be good to go. TensorRuin will weave the ability as soon as possible without interrupting your rotation, all at the click of a button. No more spamming the ability and fighting with the ACR. It just works.

Some more notable features exclusive to TensorRuin:

  • Features both balance rotation and parse rotation, for situations where you have to align with your party raid buffs, or rush trances to achieve maximum performance
  • Innovative new Slidecast and Stuttercast feature, let's you maintain 100% gcd uptime while moving and prepositioning for mechanics
  • Slidecast assist lets you slidecast frame perfect
  • Smart Dotting and Smart bane usage to auto multi dot non targets
  • Tracks dots and automatically refereshes on non targets with smart bane
  • Automatic ressing with customizable priorities and swiftcast usage
  • Smart offensive swiftcast usage for bahamut
  • GCD Prediction engine lets the acr see several gcds into the future and adjust the rotation dynamically
  • Movement optimized, automatically uses priority GCDs for movement and minimizes the amount of ruin 2 usage
  • Intelligently saves instant gcds until the last second for movement
  • Dot blacklist to prevent dotting mobs that you don't want dotted such as adds
  • And many more optimizations that make TensorRuin the best and highest dps SMN Combat Routine on the market

Please join this discord for any support or issues you might have

User Interface

Let's start off with the main options window

FBT Mode - This will control weave mode for firebird trance. I would recommend keeping this at triple unless you have extremely high ping. Having this on triple does not mean every FBT weave will be triple weaved; the ACR will intelligently decide when to triple weave and when to single weave.

Slidecast Time (s) - For slidecast assist, this the time remaining on your channel before the input lock releases and the ACR lets you move. Depending on your ping, you may wish to increase this value (higher ping means higher slidecast time), however 0.4s should be the absolute lowest for most ping cases.

Stuttercast Stop Time (ms) - Allows you to specify a time where the ACR will keep you locked regardless of channel state if a channel is queued. The reason for this number is that sometimes, when you finish moving and channel too soon, the game will interrupt your channel. This should not happen in normal stuttercast mode, however in case it does, this value will keep you stopped and allow the ACR to requeue your channel, minimizing downtime.

Movement Start Delay (ms) - How long you need to move for before the ACR considers you as moving.

Movement Stop Delay (ms) - How long you need to be stopped for before the ACR considers you as stopped.

Bane Blacklisted Targets - This will allow the ACR to use bane even if a blacklisted target is in range. For example, on jagdolls in TEA, you would keep this option off, however on healer jails in e4s, you would keep this option on, since Bane is free dot ticks on the jails and there is no penalty in dotting them.

Lock Toggle Windows - Locks the toggle windows, such as quick toggle and hotbar, so you can't accidentally drag them somewhere else. You can still click the toggles, of course.

High Performance Mode - Removes the 50ms pulse limit. If this option is on, the pulse rate can never go higher than 50 (it can still be set lower). If this option is off, then the pulse can go higher than 150. For optimal performance, leave this toggle on, otherwise you will get small rotation issues due to things getting detected too late and missing cooldown windows!

Dot Blacklist - List of ContentIDs that won't be dotted ever. Use this on low health adds like like healer jails in e4s and spinning orbs in e1s. Right click to add and delete items from this list. You can also right click for more options on each individual item in the dot blacklist, as well as adjust name and other options for it.

Time before GCD For Bahamut - For people on low ping, you may wish to lower the time bahamut is summoned before the GCD to minimize ghosted WW. At 19-20ms, i use a value of 1.0 and have zero ghosted bahamuts.

You can right click on inidividual options here to reset them to default, you can also right click on the options tab itself to reset everything in the tab to default. The same can be done for QT Settings and Hotbar settings, and with qt/hotbar settings, you can also restore default position in case you change resolutions and toggles go off-screen.

Here are all the toggles that you will be most frequently interacting with:

The icons are your Hotbar.

The green/red toggles are your normal Quick Toggles, or QT for short. (The Blue/purple toggles are also quick toggles, i just have them colored and in a separate group because they are mostly used for reactions).

The Slide/Stutter/Off are toggles that display the current status of your slidecasting mode. These will also update when you use the hold override keys.

The Auto/Ifrit/Garuda toggles control your pet summon usage. Auto mode will summon garuda when you have 3 or more targets in range, and ifrit will be summon/swapped if you have 2 or less targets.

The Opener toggle is XIVOpeners, another addon that I made, which is free and open source. It provides customizable openers with a little bit of lua knowledge. All optimal openers are provided in XIVOpeners. You can find the download link here, and for more information click here.

Quick Toggles

Quick Toggles are buttons that you can quickly toggle options on/off with. All of these can be fully customized, including hotkeyed.

CD - Toggles DWT, Summon Bahamut, and FBT. Use this to hold major cooldowns before phase transitions. In the case of TensorRuin, if you turn off CDs while in DWT for example, it will auto extend dwt to maximum duration and won't summon bahamut until after.

Pet CD - Toggles Enkindle and Aetherpact. Useful for phase transitions / add phases.

AOE - Toggling this off will only do the Single Target rotation even if there are mobs multi target mobs. Useful for invuln add phases and focusing single adds down.

Fester - Controls fester usage. Useful to turn this off if you know an AOE situation is coming up, ACR will still use Painflare 3 or more targets.

DWT - Toggles Dreadwyrm Trance usage. Useful for turning off before transitions.

Demi - Toggles off demi summons, which include Summon Bahamut and Firebird Trance. Example use case: Turning off demi before a phase transition, but keeping CDs and DWT on, so you still use DWT and keep it on CD.

Aetherpact - Toggles aetherpact on/off. Useful for when you don't want to hold enkindle but your raid might require you to hold raid buffs like Aetherpact.

Energy Drain - Controls ED usage. Useful to turn this off if you know an AOE situation is coming up, ACR will still use Energy Siphon at 3 or more targets.

DoTs - Toggles Bio III, Miasma III, and Tri-disaster usage. Useful in case you forget dot blacklist and don't want your target to get dotting. Disabling this will also disable smart dots!

Burn R4 - Burns all Ruin 4 and Egi assault stacks. Use this when the boss is low and boss is going to die in about 20s to auto dump all r4 stacks.

Hold AOE - ACR will not use Enkindle, Summon Bahamut, Firebird Trance, and Deathflare until at least 2 targets can be hit by it. Useful for when you know an AOE phase is coming up, keeping this toggle on just before will automatically hold AOE spells until 2 targets can be hit. Turn this off once you don't need to hold AOE abilities any longer.

Smart AoE - Picks the optimal target for Outburst, Enkindle Bahamut, Deathflare, Enkindle Phoenix, Painflare, and Energy Siphon to maximize hits

Smart DoT - Auto dots targets in combat and in range, and not in Bane range. Recommend leaving this on in most situations. DoT blacklist should do the work for preventing certain entities to be dotted.

Smart Bane - Auto spreads bane on non-targets to hit the most number of targets. Also will auto refresh dots on non targets if it can hit them with bane

Potion - Toggles automatic potion usage. It will not simply use the potion on cooldown, instead it will decide the most optimal time to use the potion and ensure you hit all your big cooldowns. Useful for fights where you can only get 2 pots in.

Hard Res - Will allow hard casting (non-swiftcast) of resurrection. Does not control swift res usage

Swift Res - Will allow swift cast resurrection. Does not control hard cast res usage.

Swift R3 - Will allow swiftcast to be used offensively as the last gcd in bahamut. This is preferred for getting 8 WW during bahamut, as it gauarantees an instant last gcd.

Slide - Will turn on slidecast mode. Slidecast will prevent you from moving once your are channeling until you are past your slidecast time.

Stutter - Will turn on stuttercast mode. This will do the same thing as slidecast, except if your next ability is a channel, it will stop you 0.1s before your GCD is up. This is extremely useful for slowly prepositioning for a mechanic while maintaining 100% gcd uptime.

Fast Baha - This will ignore ogcd weaves required for bahamut, as well as minimum r4 stack requirements, and try to summon bahamut ASAP. Warning: Enabling this WILL cause extra R2 under bahamut! Use only when you know for sure you have to fast weave bahamut there, for example niche situations in ultimates.

Additionally, everything about the qt toggles can be customized as shown (the options are pretty self explanatory)


Hotbar is pretty straightforward. You press the button, it'll light up to show that it's enabled, and disables itself once the acr casts the ability. It's a replacement to casting abilities manually and fighting the ACR. Simply press the button once and the ACR will use that ability ASAP without messing up the rotation. As a high-level raider, I find these much more useful than the typical automated reactions system.

Hotbar will also show the cooldown of the ability, so you don't need to look at your actual ffxiv hotbar for the cooldown.

Smart Res - This action is on your mouseover target! Hover over your target on the in-game party frame, and press your keybind. Smart res will wait for swift if it's coming up in less than 8 seconds, use swift res if possible, otherwise hardcast res.

Hard Res - This action is on your mouseover target! It will hardcast res and ignore swiftcast.

Swift Res - This action is on your mouseover target! It will swift cast res if up, otherwise won't do anything and wait for swift.

As with quick toggles, everything about the hotbars can be extensively customized. There are also a lot of extra hotbar buttons you can use here. Keybinds on hotbar will work even if you don't have the button displayed.

Setting Up

First, make sure you have TensorCore installed from the Minion store.

Next, make sure you select TensorRuin in the ACR dropdown.

And you're done! Now go ahead and customize to your liking, and enjoy.

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