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Treasure Hunter

Install ModeraBase for this addon to work

This addon helps you with the following things:

  1. Karma sink! Finally use your karma and make profit
  2. Level up your masteries on the go
  3. Get rid of all those pesky Treasure Hunting kits
  4. Have a chance on high gold items and Crystal Desert Shipments

How to use

  1. Have ModeraBase installed
  2. Have Treasure Hunting Kits in inventory which you can get from here Priory Historian Elisa
  3. Go to Desert Highland
  4. You need to enable “use mounts” and “Springer high jump mastered” in main window > settings > mount
  5. Press start button

Important informations before using

During your farm you will get items like Stories of the Great Zektuka. Do NEVER ever make a Sell listing (Directly selling) of the chosen recipe out of it but make a Buy listing. Otherwise everyone will lose gold in the long run!

  1. The addon uses teleports but doesn't teleport directly to chests, this makes it very natural looking as if you just logged in and started chest farming or rushed in with a mount.
  2. You need the Volatile Magic Resonance Mastery to not die while teleporting!
  3. At some chests the scanning can take several tries until it finds the next chest, if this takes arbitary long time please report in ModeraSupport Discord channel


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