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Trigger is a Machinist combat routine that is flexible, easy-to-use, with excellent performance and failsafe mechanisms.
Requires Endwalker Upgrade Key for 6.x users (Effective 12/31/21).



  • Show Quick Toggle
    • Toggles the Quick Toggle window (discussed below) on/off.
  • Rotation Toggle
    • Toggles the Rotation, Party and Stance window.
  • Potion Type
    • Sets the Potion usage.
  • AOE settings & TP
    • Sets the minimum AOE count for each skill + TP values required to use those skills.
  • Prefer Spread Shot If:
    • Spread shot should be preferred if the target will live longer than 30s. Set the Target HP % and Advantage (target max hp / player max hp) that would indicate a strong enough target.
  • Re-Apply Debuffs
    • Buffer time to keep on debuffs (Lead Shot). This is a goal and will be affected by your skill speed.
  • Hot Shot Seconds
    • Buffer time to keep on debuffs (Hot Shot). This is a goal and will be affected by your skill speed.


  • Add Status
    • Search for a status by partial or complete name.
    • Search for a status by ID (complete ID only).
    • Click the button to add the desired spell to the whitelist.
  • Whitelist
    • This section will only exist once some spells have been added to the whitelist. A default set of spells has been added for your convenience.
    • Spells can be individually enabled.
    • Use the “-” button to remove the spell.


  • Instance (Tier 1)
    • First-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Instance (Tier 2)
    • Second-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Non-Instance
    • Check for non-instance situations.
  • Target HP % >=
    • Targets current HP %.
  • Target HP Advantage >=
    • Comparison of target HP max to Player HP max, used as a strength gauge.
    • Ex: Target HP max of 500, Player HP max of 250, advantage would be 2 (500 / 250) rounded down.



Both pets can be casted utilizing click to cast at a specific party member.
Both pets can Auto-Promote and will auto-relocate unless they are set to manual mode to fully utilize the promotion.


Here you can setup various hotkeys to toggle some Quick Toggle variables on/off.

UI Customize

Here you can adjust sizing/coloring of some of the interface to better suit your needs.

Quick Toggle

Destroy is an override for the settings in the Advanced section, strives to achieve maximum DPS in boss mode.
Smart AOE will attempt to aim Grenado Shot and Ricochet for maximum targets hit.
Smart DOT will attempt to maintain Lead Shot on all aggro for maximum uptime.


Issues/requests should be submitted via:

Discord @ in the #acr-general channel or via direct message.
Trigger thread in the FFXIVMINION > Store Addons forum section. (Slower responses)

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