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XIVLauncher(Dalamud) users are not supported

Please Install Kitanoi Funcs(free) from minion store

TTOpen Tournament


this addon automates open tournaments held at Gold Saucer
4 to 5entries can be made in a 30min period
NPC is better
recommend that you use this addon at times when there are as few people as possible (late at night)
Win rates are completely random
Sometimes you can win, sometimes you never win
This is luck
Winning percentage also depends on the tournament rules

Since both the cards and the opponents are random, it is not possible to increase the winning percentage

other features

  • auto open pack
  • auto use card
  • sell card

How to use

Just turn on addon and be near NPC

Support for all languages

Open to Victory III
Duelliste officiel III
Turnierspieler III
공식 기록: 3단계

special thanks Kitanoi

Support Discord
mushroom's Room

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