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Watchdog offers you the following features:

  • Chat alerts over mail or voice (in the future aswell over push notification)
  • Check if a GM or a Player from your defined list is close by and react to it
  • Alert on being Dead, having a Network error or being Stuck (Decide what happens on a stuck)

Where To Find

Open Watchdog from the Minion Button (MMOMinion > GW2Minion > Addons > Watchdog)

General Settings

  • Chat lines. Decide how many of the newest last chat messages shall be taken into account.
  • Pick your favorite bot modes to be watched over.


Here you can setup your Mail account to get notifications on Chat Check and GM / Player Check.

This is how a mail could look like.

Chat Check

As a remark: If you want to receive mail notifications, don't forget to setup in “Mail Settings” your account (at the moment only GMail will work).

GM Check

The GM / Player Check feature contains a list of all GM names and is extendable by adding a names.txt or names.lua file into Watchdog/data folder. The list should be formated like this:

local tmp = {
"Name 1",
"Name 2",
return tmp

As a remark: GMs can be totally invisble ingame and thus not appearing in the CharacterList. For this case Watchdog won't recognize the GM.


You will also be able to setup a behavior on what the bot should do if a “back and forth” or “stay in place” stuck occurs.

Death, Network Problems

Having often problems with disconnects or you want to be alerted if you died while watching a movie? Here you go. Decide if Watchdog shall you reconnect if that happens.

Public API

Watchdog.teleCheck -- boolean, set false to temporary disable GM tele check


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