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Emperor (Warrior) is a Warrior and Marauder flexible, configurable combat routine.
Requires Endwalker Upgrade Key for 6.x users (Effective 12/31/21).

It has auto-aggro management and even optional auto-targetting.
It has a special embedded “mini-lua” module for writing extremely flexible defensive usage conditions.




Enmity uses basically damage + modifiers to determine the bars/values you see in the game.
The values used are probably quite a bit higher than people would estimate that they are, for instance, a combo Butcher Block, in Defiance stance at level 60, generates about 15-20k worth of enmity.
In general, Defiance creates a 3x damage modifier, while the skills themselves have a modifier ranging from between 2 (Tomahawk), up to around 7 (Butcher Block).

How the routine maintains aggro for you can be customized to use a static, a percentage, or a combination of both, or a percentage with a backup value depending on level (useful for PotD).

If a percentage is used, the Backup Lead section will also be considered if the lead amount is above the percentage specified by the user.
The backup lead applied will be the highest bracket that the character falls under.

Tank Swap


Since defensives are such an integral part of tanking and they cannot be generally applied to every unique situation, and because users will have very widely differing opinions on how to use them, I have created a special condition writer.

Users may create many tactics, one for every special raid/dungeon encounter if desired.

All abilities are edited separately. The textbox uses the same lua that the bot uses, so any global functions and objects may also be used.
Special keywords have been added to ease the burden so that a user doesn't necessarily need to know many functions.
If a player wishes for a skill to always be used, they should write “true” (without quotes) into the box, or “false” (without quotes), if they never wish for a certain skill to be used automatically.



  • Instance (Tier 1)
    • First-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Instance (Tier 2)
    • Second-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Non-Instance
    • Check for non-instance situations.
  • Target HP % >=
    • Targets current HP %.
  • Target HP Advantage >=
    • Comparison of target HP max to Player HP max, used as a strength gauge.
    • Ex: Target HP max of 500, Player HP max of 250, advantage would be 2 (500 / 250) rounded down.



Here you can setup various hotkeys to toggle some Quick Toggle and other variables on/off.

QT Custom

Here you can configure the layout of the Quick Toggle menu.

Quick Toggle

Most of the toggles are self-explanatory, but a little clarification never hurts..

Defensives - Holmgang, Equilibrium, Thrill, Vengeance, Convalescence, Awareness, Raw Intuition, Bloodbath, Foresight, Second Wind, Mantra.
Provoke - will enable the profile to automatically attempt to grab targets attacking a healer that are far away.

Some Toggles have info displayed if hovered over

Rotation Modifier

SP - Allows Storm Path to be used in the rotation.
SE - Allows Storm Eye to be used in the rotation.
BB - Allows Butcher Block to be used in the rotation.
Note that if all are turned off, it will fall back to Butcher Block rotation.

DFN - Forces Defiance stance to be used.
DLV - Forces Deliverance stance to be used (or no stance if Deliverance is not acquired yet.)
Auto - Uses stance swapping per the rules setup in the Aggro tab.

Solo - Bot considers player to be Solo, changes behavior of some skills slightly.
Party - Bot considers player to be in a Party, changes behavior of some skills slightly.
Auto - Bot attempts to auto-detect its environment (usually correct).


Issues/requests should be submitted via:

Discord @ in the #acr-general channel or via direct message.
Emperor thread in the FFXIVMINION > Store Addons forum section. (Slower responses)

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