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This addon is available for free “as is” and is no longer supported by the Bottox team. It will not receive updates or bug fixes.

If you have trouble with it, you can search the Bottox Discord or see if other users there can help.

Fishing Pool Hub

“get rich or die tryin' fishing”

Fishing Pool Hub uses Bottox Manager. It is a free addon available on Minionapp store.

Ultimate end-game fishing addon

  1. Fully automated, end-game Gil making oriented, fishing addon (updated for FFXIV 5.3).
  2. Real time weather/time parsing to catch the fish that gives you the best rewards depending on your fish list.
  3. More than 400 fish varieties in the pool. Premium quality only.
  4. Fishing / Spearfishing / Ocean fishing / Diadem support.
  5. Custom Deliveries support (Zhloe, M'naago, Kurenai, Adkiragh, Kai-Shirr, Ehll Tou)
  6. Supports all 4 housing areas.
  7. Auto buys baits (including Yellow/White scrips baits) and foods to increase your stats.
  8. Supports all Aethersands fishs, collectables fishs, Leve/Quest/GC fishs, aquarium fishs etc…
  9. Keeps your inventory clean by releasing trash fish.
  10. Auto mode to focus Gil (for lvl 80 Fishers only) / Manual mode to build your own fish list / Auto leveling mode to reach lvl 80


 Fishing Pool Hub is end-game oriented, meaning you'll need a strong stuff to get the best rewards.
 If you're a fresh new fisher in the game, don't panic! The add-on will help you to 
 automatically level your fisher job until you hit lvl 80. 
 Then it will gather collectables to get a free & high ilvl gear.
 Also, a descent Culinarian Desynth level is needed to fully enjoy the addon. Even if you can sell the fish,
 some rare stuffs and mats are only available through Desynth system. 
 Same here, the addon helps you to reach a nice desynth level very quickly.

Before to start

 Buy/craft a few "Topwaterfrog", "Yumizuno", "Streamer", and "Spinner" lures through auction house, 
 you can't get them from any npc.
 Unlock the 4 housing areas: Goblet, Mist, Lavender beds & Shirogane.

How to use?

 Auto mode:
 Select the filters that fit with your needs.
 Auto mode will focus the best fish to catch depending on time and weather.
 If you're starting your Fishing Pool Hub journey, try first with 1 filter max.

 Manual mode:
 Choose any fish in any category with the quantity you need, build your own list, and press start!
 Manual mode database is bigger than the Auto mode one. Instead of focusing the best rewards,
 the bot will go for every fish you add to the list, and will prioritize the tasks by itself.

 Click on "Fish Net" button to see what is the interesting fish you kept in your inventory.
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