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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.

Due to abysmal sales to Chinese Users I can no longer justify the extra hundreds of development hours to support the Chinese game client. If you like to use this addon in the chinese client, you can start a crowdfunding on my discord to pay for the development cost.

由于对中国用户的销售惨淡,我再也无法为中国游戏客户提供支持,因为这需要花费额外的数百个开发时间。 如果您想在中国客户端中使用此插件,你可以在我的discord里的启动众筹以支付开发费用


frenkey_BLK is a new Bot Mode for GW2Minion. It offers a extremly fast way to farm Black Lion Keys by completing Dragon's Stand over and over for the 20% Chance of a Key.

What does it do?

After you manually created a new character the bot mode will get you through the Intro Instance (only Asuran), move to Dragon's Stand and complete the map within ~2 minutes.

To unleash the full potential for this addon you really want to check out frenkey_Inventory to speed up the handling of the rewards and keeping the runtimes as fast as possible. Since this bot mode does not benefit from Banners and Ascended Feasts those are not included!

Average Speed

The average speed highly depends if you can skip the intro or not. The following numbers are no gurantee those are just the result of ~50 runs * Tome of Knowledge: 2min 45s - 3min 30s * Home Portal Stone: 3min - 3min 45s * No Skip: 3min - 7min 30s (depends on your RNG at which state you enter the Intro, if the boss is about to die already or not spawned yet)

This requires Heart of Thorns and having the first Story Mission for Heart of Thorns completed!

The only Intro instance that is supported is Asura. You can use any race if you can skip the intro with either a Tome of Knowledge or the Home Portal Stone. If you do not have those items & options checked you will have to pick Asura as your characters race.

For support, question and bugs please join my discord and follow the guidelines. I will not answer direct messages.

Important informations

  • run the game in window mode. not windowed fullscreen, not fullscreen. window mode
  • setup AutoIt
  • setup inventory to deal with your loot
  • Choose a very different character name to your other character names. BLK is comparing the name of your current character to the set name and will delete the character if the name is similar to 70% as it will guess it is a typo.
  • Good:
  • BLK Character: Arina Dorn
  • Main Character: Solana Sand
  • Bad:
  • BLK Character: Solâna Sand
  • Main Character: Solana Sand


This addon farms Black Lion Keys which have an average rate to drop of about 33% for a map completion. Below I will make a short calculation on how much you need to run to break even. One Black Lion Key equals 84 Gems when purchased in bulks of 25. Each map completion will net you a container of exotic gear as well which can be any exotic item including precursors. This averages to about 1 gold per item as some are worth more and others are less, not including precursors in that average.

If we run this for one hour we would get on average:

* Skip Run (3 min) * 20 runs * 6.6 keys * 27 exotics * » 554 gems per hour

* No Skip Run (5 min) * 12 runs * 4 keys * 15 exotics * » 336 gems per hour


Use AutoIt

To successfully use this option you will have to setup the AutoIt Window Layout in frenkey_Base! Check the "AutoIt Section" to see how to set it up! This Script provides: * Character Creation * Character Deletion * Depositing items to your bank * Accept Map Rewards * Skip Cutscenes * …

Skip Intro

This option will enable skipping the Intro instance. This can be done in two ways: * using a Home Portal Stone * using a Tome of Knowledge to reach level 2 and unlock the waypoints in the starter maps; to use this option you have to enable Use Tome too! For either you will need to place on of them in your shared inventory slot so it can be used from inside the Intro Instance!

Move to Bank

If selected the bot will move to the bank in rata sum if you have a Black Lion Key in your inventory (excluding shared inventory slots). If you have Use AutoIt active it will automatically deposit the first 8 items in your inventory. Make sure to have some prepared stacks for Keys in your bank!


If you own frenkey_Inventory the addon will wait until you have no exotic items in your Inventory anymore before restarting the run! You additionally have the option to use BLK Inventory. If you have a frenkey_Inventory Profile with the name BLK it will automatically loaded for your character!

Copy Name

While beeing in the Character Selection and having the bot running the set Name will be copied to your clipboard to speed up the manual creation and deletion of a character.


The Default name to be used to create and delete a character.

Window Preset

You can select a saved Window Preset to be loaded on starting BLK. This will resize the window and move the AutoIt Positions!

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