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  • This addon will add the full functionality of automatically harvesting, breeding and watering your garden.
  • Fully integrated into the Madao-Addon-Series.

Support and Feedback

Please Note


  • Automatically runs your garden tasks.
  • Cross-breeding is possible.
    • With custom lua code (do not be intimidated, there are examples already provided).
  • Madao Garden supports 8 plots beds.
  • Support of inhouse plots and all possible locations.
  • Support of plots you have rights to (friends plots).

How To Set It Up

  • Buy a house/apartment, use your friends house or your FC house, just be able to get to the garden.
  • Place the 8 plot bed and planter manually with your hands …
    • either indoors or outdoors.
  • Read the instructions given via the UI.
  • The task will automatically be listed through your housing teleport status.
  • Record your door and pick the correct teleporter.
  • Make sure to check again if you set up the mesh correctly and every bed is reachable and on the mesh
  • Congratulations, you have successfully set up MadaoGarden!
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