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This addon is available for free “as is” and is no longer supported by the Bottox team. It will not receive updates or bug fixes.

If you have trouble with it, you can search the Bottox Discord or see if other users there can help.

Revolt Engine - YoRHa Tier (Work In Progress)

“Rest In Pieces”

Revolt Engine uses Bottox Manager. It is a free addon available on Minionapp store.

What it does:

  1. Automated Shadowbringers 24 players Raids (YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Tier).
  2. Public Duty Finder support.
  3. Dodges & Mechanics support.
  4. Supports all jobs.
  5. Supports A, B & C groups.
  6. No teleport hack. Undetected.
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse content:
  1. The Copied Factory
  2. The Puppets' Bunker (Work in progress)
  3. XXXXXXX (Q4 2020 / Early Support)

General Tips:
  1. Decent CPU and PING recommended. (lags + huge ping = you die over and over)
  2. Keep an eye on your character, don't afk for hours while running in raids.
  3. Try to run with the best possible gear. Better gear = more defense and more HP.
  4. Eat a food (not a lvl 15 food, try to get the best foods for your job).
  5. Don't use speed hacks. NEVER. Not needed, not usefull, risky.
  6. Don't group bots before to enter (for now). If you own 2 accounts, send them on the raids separately.
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