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Madao Gather

Ultimate Gathering Addon (focusing on making gil on gather)

For China and Korean Version , I need some help after update.


[CAUTION] my addon series cannot work with any of passive type addon. If you face error please remove those addons 1st and try please(madaogather contains auto Areduction)

Please do not change bot pulse to faster.

WIP(Work In Progress):Tell Handling for Police,


Normal Gather Mode

Schedule Gather Mode




Please give me your opinions.To Progress

◾ smooth gathering/better path/better stealth/optimized and randomized node finder. 130% faster than default or more

◾ Complex task schedule and more variety of Settings (req 70 level) / you can set up multi task shedules/in multi way / you can share your settings to others / Also has Normal Node Digger (You can also save profiles in normal/ no need to assign everytime)/Caluculate natural gp regene - cordial gp regene and skip task if it is not enough.

◾ No more AFK while Emphemral Gathering. Plus Emphemral Gathering has variety of choice / just interact / gather material until gp filled/ no gp 3 swing until gp filled/ no gp 3 swing until next assigned unspoil gp filled

◾ unique Stuck and in combat Handler/Stealth is Unique to each tasks/ You can set submarker for avoiding enemies(on progress on easier version) / far more less stuckable compare to default(please report if it get stuck)

◾ If task is done bot move to next assigned task to make profile faster.

◾ Advanced Madao Version Skill Rotations.If you need more please give me detail

◾ Police Player Dodger (while gathering)(swap task on detection) (WIP tell handling)

◾ Simple Spear Fishing in Task schedule (false scad , snow crab , squid only)

◾ Collective: Turn In - Use Scrip supported

◾ Use Retainer Venture During Gathering

◾ Please Off All Back Ground other Passive Type Addons. They make this addon disfunctional.

◾ Auto AR included(0 setting reqs)

◾ Back to Assigned Location / You can Make Combined Crafting and Gathering full auto task (If you have MadaoCrafter)

◾ You can give your settings to other players. path → LuaMods\ffxivminion\MadaoFiles

SUPPORT DISCORD 日本語対応サポート(UIは英語です)


  • Grinder Beta added. it will be paid addon but you can mix routein with normal/schedule gathering.
  • RubySea pathing trouble fixed.
  • Default Gather skill usage maybe fixed. please report if not.
  • You can load botanist and miner leveling setting from leveling settings window.
  • Removed materia feature. sinse its not effective at all atm.

General Caution

ALL OF MY ADDONS START AFTER PUSHING GREEN BOTTON If there is unknown item on gathering list.Bot is gonna uncover them 1st before main task.Except for the case ephmeral sub nodes touch.

Quick Visual Guidance


  1. Scheduler Mode : 24hr Eorzea time based gathering routein (Unspoil/Ephemeral/Spear). Please open Settings from Button Below.
  2. Normal Mode : List you wanna dig and do(normal nodes / spear nodes). Please open Settings from Button Below.
  3. Open Police Handler : For Handling and Escaping from Police RPers grapse (Need a bit of Settings)
  4. Open Gather Collect Turn In/Buy Settings: Please set up gather collect settings from here.
  5. Assign Gear Set: Assign ingame gearset from here. 0 means auto equip and lose gp. Please set up before running for gp.

Scheduled Gather Settings UI

  1. SaveButton: Push this After Any Change to Save
  2. Set Settings UI : Set up UI for editing. Atm for scheduling
  3. Activate Police Handler: For scheduling mode you must assign more than 3 routein set up (Explain at [7])
  4. Use Set Up Swapper: Activate Routein Swapper.
  5. Assign Set For Editing
  6. Assign Swap Frequency
  7. Assign Valid Set For Swapper. Totaly randomized order. once all set up done .it will generate different set up order.
  8. eorzea time
  9. job for task
  10. task type : normal – unspoil/legend – ephemeral – spear
  11. gather item name setup
  12. gp requirement for this task :Bot Wait Gp. but also calc possible gp regen based on cordial and natural regen.
  13. Extra Task On/Off. or Wait Gp for Next Task On/Off
  14. Collect On/Off
  15. Assign Skill for each task
  16. Assign Cordial Usage and type
  17. Max Gp for cordial usage. if the bot gp lower than this value bot is gonna use assigned cordial.
  18. Madao Skill Activate: Basically you should use on this. For using my special arranged skill series.
  19. Materia: maybe noone seems to use this.
  20. GearSet for this task. you better put 0
  21. Stealth On/Off : And It is valid now.
  22. MarkerId for this task node
  23. Recorded Marker Cordinate Randomize
  24. Extra On : Result of [13]. Doing one more task for this eorzea hour.
  25. Ephemeral sub node behavior Setting: Use No Gp Use 3Swing Until [12] filled. or Gather material from subnodes until [12] filled.
  26. Wait Gp: Another Version of ExtraCheck. Just Wait Gp regene with doing this task.

Once Each Task done. Bot will proceed to next extra task. And then Next Hour task. If Both this hour task and next hour task done bot is gonna stop until next eorzea hour.

Normal Gather Setting UI

  1. Save Button : Need to click this button to save change
  2. Set Task Type for Edit
  3. Police Handler On/Off : For normal gather mode once bot detected police nearby.he is gonna swap task to next.and will come back there later.
  4. Set Active Normal Gather SetUp and Edit
  5. Memo
  6. Cordial On/Off
  7. Max Gp Requirement for Cordial
  8. Cordial Type
  9. Job
  10. Level Mode : You can set level range from here (you cant access gear upgrader only by this setting - need leveler addon)
  11. Set Item Name for gather
  12. Stealth On/Off : Its Valid now
  13. Gather Hidden On/Off : Need to Input Hidden item id (you can set up priority items to gather from my Marker Editor but it is complicated so i added it here partially)
  14. Input Hidden Item Id for gathering
  15. Count Assinged Hidden item for count item in your bag check On/Off
  16. Bot consider task is done once you have this amount of items in your bag
  17. Count HQ only On/Off : Bot will only count Hq items on your bag instead
  18. Assign HQ number amount : I was just lazy to do UI work so please input hq item number you need here
  19. Task time length (milsecond - 1second = 1000milsecond) : timer for this task. Once bot hit this timer , it will go next task and come back here later. Police dodger moves the same like this.
  20. Marker Id for this item : you can also set up different markerid for the same item if they are exist.
  21. Madao Skill On/Off : Access to premade my skill set On/Off
  22. Set Skill
  23. Spear fishing
  24. Spear fishing watches task repeated number instead of items in bag.

Gather Collect TurnIn/Buy Settings UI

  • Only active while bot is running from green button pushed.Basically this mode is for running with craft/gather but you can single do from button.
  • When hitted the assigned free slot bag number bot will check collectables and will perform Areduction and discard the collectables that are low in value.
  • AND gather and craft mode are using the same system for turning in.The check box means you are gonna count inventory slot left while each mode is running and turn in collectives
  1. Push Here For Accessing Collect Setting UI.
  2. Collect TurnIn Checks : For turning in collective ,please check here.(craft and gather moves the same and turning in all of existing items on turnnable collective on your bag/armory. the difference of those 2 checks are do that in middle of each task or not.)
  3. Collect TurnIn Location : Rhalgrs reach only at this moment.
  4. Free slot checker for collect turn in : Once bot hit this bag free slot threshold (Only watches bag not armory),it will start ARedution , Discarding not enough collective value items. And after those checks, if your bot still exceed this free slot threshold it heads to turnin location.
  5. Pick up gather / craft for Assign Parchase item : Bot will buy item when on your each currency hitting its cap.
  6. YellowGatherItemID for buy
  7. Push this button after input Precise Strings in [9] to get Item ID.
  8. Push this button after input Item ID in [6] to get Item Name.
  9. Input 100% precise item name. Case Sensitive. You can use your own game language. (not for chinese and korean language due to database reason)
  10. RedGatherItemID for buy and left are the same

Random AFK Timer (BETA)

  • Random AFK timer. Just made and tested some. You can just afk after gather node when time passed.
  1. Push here to open UI
  2. Make sure this one is being red to edit afk timer.
  3. Active Time Length: Active time range is gonna be « From Base to (200 - Random)*Base/100 »
  4. Afk Time Length: Afk time range is gonna be « From Base to (200 - Random)*Base/100 »

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