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  • MadaoCore(Free) MadaoCombat(Free) MadaoGather(Paid)


  • Add fishing and spear-fishing task to MadaoGather
  • Covers diadem fishing.(Including skill profile)
  • Auto buy baits.
  • AReduction/Salvage/Discard/Repair parts are all supported from MadaoCore(Free)
  • Add fisher result for profile generator
  • Lua-codable skill profile to handling complicated behavior for fishing and spear fishing.
  • Shadow node for spear fishing are all supported. (Default skillprofile is sufficient for filling fishing note.)
  • Big-fish and other weather and timer demanded fishes are supported.(Still need to code skill profile for each of them. Maybe some1 will sell this profile just like advanced skill profile for expert crafting. I wanna focus on gil generating for ff14 tasks.)
  • Ocean Fishing and do ocean fishing while other tasks.(Mostly for leveling purpose. Skill profile for aiming achievements are codable but its the same like big-fishes like I explained above.)
  • And more advanced options as usual(to satisfy your complicated wishes.)
  • Price 7.98 euro

Quick Start Guide - with Gather Mode

Quick Start Guide - Ocean Fishing

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