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Madao Profile Generator

DLC TYPE ADDON (This addon just support generating profile. You still need to buy Gather/Craft/Grind for each task automation.)

support discord channel


  • Collectable Scrip Vendor-Buy Automation. (Full automation from assigned recipe.)


  • Generate Gather/Craft/Grind/Spear-Fishing MadaoTaskProfile from recipes.
  • Watch your-bag, your-armoury, retainer's-bag, retainer's selling list.
  • Also providing various adjustment feature for your usage.
  • Current version is version 2. Rebuilded and polished behaviors. Now generate unspoil/legend and ephemeral-sand gathering task. Also auto gather crystal in shortage.
  • You need MadaoGather,MadaoGrind,MadaoCraft to hit max feature of this addon. This addon wont provide behavior itself


Quick Guide

And More

  • I cant explain everything here without massive explaining text.
  • Added really a lot of features along with users requests.
  • Please dig them by yourself.
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