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Madao Gather

Ultimate Gathering Addon (focusing on making gil on gather)

Requirement and Caution

[CAUTION] my addon series cannot work with any of passive type addon. If you face error please remove or disable those addons 1st and try please(MadaoCore contains auto AR reduction for sands. Auto Salvage. Auto Materia Extract. )


  • Gathering task automation.
  • Priotize where to go.
  • Auto turn in collectible and buy scrip mats from vendor.
  • Support gather task for ishgard restoration.
  • Auto turn in Ishgard Restoration items and buy scrip mats from vendor.
  • Auto Extract Materia.
  • Auto Aetherial Reduction.
  • Automated everything for miner and botanist.
  • With madaocrafter/madaogrind/profile generator. My script able to automate most of part of CraftRecipes.
  • Price 20euro.


New Version

Replaced previous version to renewal version. You just need to click to add items to list. Addon will auto priotize tasks.

  • Open Window

  • Quick Start

  • Collectible Vendor

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