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  • This addon will fully automate your gathering needs.


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  • Gathering task automation.
  • Smart prioritization and manual prioritization.
    • I.e. Timed nodes take priority over normal gathering nodes.
  • Auto turn in any gathering collectables.
    • Also able to assign a buy list for the scripts.
  • Automatic Aetherial Reduction.
  • Customization levels unrivaled:
    • Able to assign a skill rotation for each item.
    • Able to assign Cordial use for each item.
    • Able to assign requirements for each item.
    • Able to assign special gear sets for each item.
    • Able to assign a maximum length of time for a node to be gathered.
    • Many more in depth and niche settings.

Extra Features

  • In addition to default auto skill profile. It is also supporting detailed editable skill profile system.
  • Combined with Free features from MadaoCore. You can also do below while task for free.
    • Collectable Scrip Exchange , Materia Extraction , Salvage , Discard , Company Seal Exchange , Ishgard Restoration Exchange , Aetheric Reduction
  • Also supporting more advanced settings for each location even. Please check with Free Trial!
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