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Madao Craft・Gather Leveler 1-80 (Shadowbringers Update is Live)

Support Ishgard Crafting full automation with new version.(while leveling.)

Quick Start Guide

You must hit Shadowbringers before using this mode and using effectively.


NEW Version is live now. Ishgard turnin and buy feature added. Super quick now.



  • Fully automated. Craft/Gather Leveling.
  • Auto Craft / Auto Gather / Auto buy from npc.
  • Auto Gearupdate.
  • Auto Discard/Salvage items (Craftable-White Gatherable Only)
  • Auto Gather Shards/Crystals when they are running out.
  • Auto Turnin Leves.
  • Semi Auto Craft Quests. (Need to gather some items manually.)
  • Only support leveling task. No extra fee after expansions. (Stop when bot hit max level.)
  • Price 25euro

Assign Task

Quest Mode


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