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  • This addon will automatically level your gatherer and your crafter.
  • Starting from level 1 all the way up to Level Max. (Level 90 at this moment)
  • New expansion update always comes free of charges.


Please Note

  • To run this addon you have to finish HeavensWard main story quest line to do ishgard restoration.
  • To run gather part you need to be flyable and unlocked all the aetherytes,
    • You can limit destination level to not let the bot go new expansion's zone which you don't finish yet.


  • Fully automated crafter and gatherer leveling.
  • Automatic gathering and crafting, as well as buying from NPC's.
  • Automatic gear upgrades.
  • Does your crafting and gathering jobquests for you (some quest need manual help)(gather quests except for initial ones are wip ).
  • Automated salvage and discarding of items.
  • Updates to the newest levelcap whenever it is increased.

Quickstart Guide

Please follow this example to make sure you set everything up correctly.

Assign tasks like this (No need to edit basically)

Assign your task

Let the bot run your jobquests (Semi-Auto and after hitting level 72)

Let the bot run your jobquests
Set up your leve tasks

Set up your leve tasks

Support and Feedback

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