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  • This addon allow you to automate your Fate grinding.
  • Including a wide variety of in depth settings.

Support and Feedback


Please Note

  • Non Madao ACR's are not supported.
    • Means only support MCR. But you do not need to buy for default profile. Just can't use others for some strict situation handling.
    • Thus Blue Mage is not supported. yet.


  • Automatically …
    • does your fates.
    • collects your Atmas.
    • swaps the map.
    • exchanges your Gemstones to Ventures or Tokens.(limited to ShadowBringers)
    • exchange grand company seals to item.
    • upgrades your gear (gil vendor).
  • Fine control over:
    • Fates and fate-blacklists.
      • Some fates which may cause public attentions are already pre-blacklisted.
    • Run fate from pre-made and user-made profiles.
      • In profile you can assign …
        • Map to go
        • Level Range
        • Item Acquisition
    • Consumption of food and pots.
    • Time range to stay on a given map.
    • Discarding useless items and equipment
    • Fighting boss fates (on/off)
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