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Madao Fate


  • Do Fates.
  • Auto Swap Map.
  • Auto Exchange Seal to Venture or Cordial
  • Set up multi level range for each map.
  • Can Setup different behavior to previous expansion zone when you progressed next expansion level.
  • Madao Police Detector is valid in fate mode.
  • Auto Potion/Auto Food without assigning any.
  • Can use with madao scheduler.
  • ACR is not supported. / Blue mage is not yet supported.
  • Fate Black List.
  • Auto Gear Update.(Buy From Vendor. atm)
  • Auto Exchange Gemstones to item.


  • Atmas Mode added(Invalid with scheduler)
  • Pre Expansion Case Fates Handling settings.Beside of default settings.
  • 5.0 maps supported.
  • Auto Exchange Gemstones to item.

Quick Open Addon


Price: 7euro

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