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This addon will automatically press buttons on your hotbar. This addon is visual only, it will not affect your rotation nor will it actually 'press' the button, it simply shows the visual effect of the button getting pressed.

Key Features:

  • Automatically detects where your buttons are, no setup required, other than putting the ability on your hotbar and making sure it has a keybind.
  • Works with every single addon automatically
  • Can be customized, individual abilities can be turned off, a searchable list can be used to find abilities quickly, and the timing between presses can be tweaked.

This addon will not play the 'clicking' sound that come from normal keypresses. This is a planned feature, see upcoming_features for more info. I would recommend turning off your system sounds if you stream with this addon.


Most of these options are self-explanatory

Search - You can either search by ID or search by name. This is mostly used for troubleshooting.

Disable Ability - This actually disables the id, not the hotbar button itself. This is useful if you have conflicting ids on your hotbar, such as an old ability and a new ability.

Min and Max delay can be tweaked to your liking, but i would recommend not making it too slow, this will cause the ability to go on cooldown before it's actually pressed, and this will be problematic if you're streaming.

Upcoming Features

  • Show the hover effect if spell target is not currently targetted
  • Add clicking sound on presses to make it indistinguishable from legit presses


A certain ability is not getting pressed

Make sure you have the ability on a visible hotbar, use the gui to search for the ability and check if the ability is somewhere else. Due to poor code written by Square Enix, when your remove abilities from a hotbar, they aren't updated right away. This might cause some issues. The fix is simple, switch to a different job and back to the current one.

If you still have issues or a different issue, please join my discord.

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