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Madao Crafter



  • Crafter addon for more combined automation
  • Automate Skill Rotation.
  • Colletable Craft : Craft - Turn In - Use Script - Loop
  • Salvage,MateriaExtract,Repair,Discard are provided from MadaoCore(Free)
  • Can assign where to craft.
  • Craft Leve Turn In Assist
  • Please check those wiki too.
  • Providing combined all in gather/crafter feature from my addon series
  • You need [profile generator][madao gather][madao grinder][madao crafter] to generate task from item name or id


Profile Generator

You maybe need Profile generator Addon and MadaoGather Addon as well to do what you think.

Quick Open Addon

Quick Guide For Craft

Quick Guide For Collectable Exchange

Quick Guide For Leve Turnin

  • If you have gather/craft/grind/profile generator. You can also automate gather and craft from here

Set Your Home/Apartment for Crafting and Retainer Set Up

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