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FFXIVMinion ACR Index

What's an ACR?

ACR stands for Advanced Comat Routine. ACRs are an evolution of Minion's skill profiles system that allows developers to write combat routines with greater complexity and performance. There are multiple ACR authors and this page collects their ACR names in one place by class for easier discovery.

To download/purchase/trial an ACR, use MINIONAPP and click the Store tab. Then either browse the ACR category or search for the name you find here.

About beta ACRs

ACRs that are in beta are typically included with their author's Core/Lib addon. i.e., installing AceLib gives you access to the beta for Pierce, or installing TensorCore will give you access to the beta for TensorReaper. You typically don't need to purchase something from the store to get access to the beta. For more specific information and detail, check out each author's Discord linked in the headers below.



Job Anyone
Core anyonecore
BRD championbard
DNC championdancer
DRG championdragoon
DRK championknight
GNB championgunbreaker
MCH championmachinist
MNK championmonk
NIN championninja
PLD championpaladin
RPR championreaper
SAM championsamurai
SMN championsummoner
WHM championwhitemage
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